The Hybrid Program is focusing on the contractors that are performing the type of work that requires skilled and trained Journeypersons and need their existing employees (5+ years) to be certified in order to meet the requirements. This program is not offered on a continuous basis. Individuals previously cancelled/resigned from the apprenticeship program are not eligible to participate in the Hybrid Program.
Please keep in mind that the Hybrid Program is voluntary. Journeypersons will have to be indentured into the Hybrid Apprenticeship Program for a minimum of 6 months (72 class hours and 700 work hours). Also, the employers must agree to continue to pay their current Journeyperson rate as well as fringe package during this time.
The employer will need to provide a list of interested Journeyperson employees to the JATC Office so that their work hours can be verified by the Trust Fund. A minimum of 4,200 work hours is required.
Individuals must make application at a designated application location i.e. complete Information Sheet, sign Apprentice Agreements and provide a copy of proof of age. The employer will have to complete and sign the Letter of Subscription for each participant and Evaluation Form to advance them to 95% sixth period.
Classes are mandatory, are held on Saturdays for 8 hours and participants must attend all scheduled classes. During the 6 months period participants must keep track of their on-the-job training hours in a Work Record Book until they have met the on-the-job training hours. When they have met these requirements (submit completed work record book to JATC Office and pass the class), they will be advanced to Journeyperson and receive a completion certificate. Please contact the JATC office for more information. 1 (800)622-6522